Saturday, September 25, 2010

Architectural Rings by Philippe Tournaire

Fifa 11 Cover

KAKA and Wayne Rooney officially make the front cover graphics for Fifa 11.


Photographed by Ole Christian Salomonsen over Tromsø, Norway, using long exposure. That's why you can see streaks from satellites and an airplane crossing the firmament.

Power Balance Bracelet

Power Balance® holograms are designed to work with your body's natural energy field. 

Balance • Strengh • Flexibility.

BREO Watches

Breo Roam watch is made with a material called tourmaline * A naturally occurring mineral, tourmaline is widely used as a semi-precious gemstone and is responsible for many beneficial health effects including: - Increased concentration - Natural detoxification of the body - Improved sleep, relaxation and meditation - Improved vitality and mood

    Thursday, September 16, 2010

    Sexy Disney Characters

    The Town


    After the furore caused by Adidas' Jabulani match ball in South Africa the spotlight and pressure has been on Nike to get it right for the new Premier League season.

    The early indications are that they have got it pitch perfect. Tested on the training grounds of Europe's biggest clubs, the T90 Tracer is a ball that carries with it the strap line 'Total Obedience'. Some of our shooting in an impromptu kickaround was not exactly totally obedient but there's no doubting it's a lovely ball that even the layman can appreciate.
    Nike's engineers claim they have created the first ever match ball that has a 360 degree sweet spot.
    In ensuring there is no hard or soft spot the manufactures have given the player every chance to strike the ball true, with innovative technology ensuring the T90 is a leader in aerodynamic efficiency.

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